1. Finding JavaScript bliss with the Chrome debugger

    Sometimes the best tools are right under our noses 9.27.2017

  2. Classifying Tweets with Keras and TensorFlow

    In case you can't tell when people are upset on the internet 9.2.2017

  3. The Art of Gitting Gud

    or, Blogging Is Harder Than I Thought 8.13.2017

  4. We RISE 2017: yes please

    see you again next year! 7.1.2017

  5. Winning with CSS Variables

    I can't believe it's not Sass! 4.30.2017

  6. Fixing Jest Memory Usage on CircleCI

    This One Weird Trick Will Shock You 4.18.2017

  7. Turning Subreddits Into Chatbots

    See also: BigQuery, Unity, and Markov chains 4.2.2017

  8. Blogging with Middleman: Partials Are Magic

    Cool bloggings, Pt. 2 3.21.2017

  9. Blogging with Middleman, Pt. 1

    Creation and customization 3.8.2017

  10. Creating Once

    Sites, installations, and why I made this blog 2.16.2017